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About Us

We cater to all tastes in our selection of food; well, every form and size too! With a liberal sourcing network build in the last 52 years, we keep our refrigerators brimming with meat stock all the time. We are one amongst the largest importers of seafood in the country, proudly so!

Very well rooted in the wholesale market, with a history of bringing food to your tables via the kitchens of some of the finest restaurants and hotels in Delhi. With over 10 years of experience as a wholesale supplier direct chiken supply has built a reputation as a friendly, dependable and flexible supplier of fresh, & frozen meat products.

We believe in being responsive to the needs of our customers, supplying products at stable, reasonable prices where and when the customers require. Our sphere of operation extends to hotels, restaurants, marriage parties, events, and conferences.

The quality of our meat is peerless as it has already passed the standard quality check processes of Three, Four & Five star hotels.

Talking of hygiene, we process your selection in the most fresh and healthy way possible. For everything else, we have mammoth walk in freezers (and not freezer counters) where every form of the meat is stored separately and well spaced. We let our meat breath, literally!

Why US

Delivery within 24 hours.

Quality-trusted By More Than 300 Restaurants & Hotels


Multiple ways to order!

What do we do?

The ones who have culinary skills, you get the raw meats sans the unpleasing experience of visiting the butcher’s place. We offer an array of options in the raw category, freshly cut and delivered to you. Our highly skilled butchers work with the latest modern equipment in scrupulously clean surroundings. Their experience and skill means that you get exceptionally good meat that you will be proud to serve on your menu. All our Indian farmers and suppliers are Farm Assured and we are able to trace our meat from farm to plate so you can have confidence in our supply chain.