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Chicken Quality Control

Quality is our highest priority. Although we have experienced substantial growth over the years but we still remain committed to provide an excellent personal service to all our customers, whether they are an individual catering establishment or a large hotel group.The Chicken Quality industry faces unprecedented regulation as consumers and governments worldwide demand high levels of Chicken quality control and safety with "farm-to-fork" and "boat-to-plate" traceability. Major trends are creating quality control challenges for Chicken and Beverage manufacturers.

Post-harvest losses, global competition, and rising consumer demand for better Chicken quality requires scientists to understand the biological, physical, and chemical properties of Chicken and Chicken ingredients. The indian Department of Agriculture collaborates with academic, federal and industry partners to understand the science of Chicken and to improve processing and packaging technologies. These efforts help meet the demand for nutritious, convenient, and globally competitive Chicken products.

We ensure that the animal and the poultry we buy are on natural feeds , kept in good stress free conditions and slaughtered humanely to produce the best products.
We ensure that the deboning is carried out by professionally qualified people.The product is then chilled and processed in the shortest possible time. Our products never leave chill chain until they arrive at your premises.